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My career started as an electrician, but following the collapse of the construction industry my wife and I traveled through Canada and Australia working and furthering my career.

Following the birth of my son in Canada we decided to return home to Ireland in 2013. And knowing my options in construction where limited I realized I needed to be self-employed. So I reinvented myself and through my love of photography I decided to research aerial photography. At the start this was a past time, but when I started posting photos on my Facebook page these original photos from unique angles started receiving a lot of interest.

Before long I knew I had to open a page that would reach a wider audience than my personal page. So I started a business page and called it ‘Thru my eyes by Jamie’, where I hope to show the world the way I see it and the beauty that can be found on our lovely Little Isle!!

Thru my eyes quickly gained a following and I was getting requests to photograph various things for people on commission. Every day is now an adventure, meeting new people and travelling to places I once may have overlooked. Sharing what I see and where I have been is a big part of my work and what motivates me.

I intend to continue to expand, from personal commission to more commercial work. I also plan to organised some exhibition of my work. Moving from construction to an industry that truly inspires and motivates me has been a wonderful experience which I hope to continue to enjoy.